Portrait zegaldorph



Full Name

Zegaldorphaxi Kil




Lord of Mordark


268 PA





Eye Color:


Preferred Weapons


Zegaldorph is the Mahlok ruler of Mordark.


Zegaldorph started his life as a shining example of the perfect Mahlok. Born on the Mahlok homeworld of Omolgeth, he was put in the School of Fire and trained to become an Infernal, to use his fire-powers to their fullest extent. Soon he joined the Helexith Coalition on their campaign for galactic conquest. For an unknown number of years he aided them, leading Slashrim into the field with great success. It was even rumored that he might be headed for the ultimate position: the next Zuhaxellod. But then, for reasons that only he knows, he suddenly became disillusioned. Taking a starship for himself, he fled to the Human world of Terra Nova and went into hiding in the city-state of Mordark. With him, he brought vast riches, which he used to purchase a tower in the City Core. At first he was reclusive, but many influential individuals, curious about their new neighbor, sought an audience with him. Before he knew it, Zegaldorph was pulling at the strings of all the leaders of Mordark, nudging them in directions he wanted them to go, manipulating events to give him more power and prestige. After a few years of this, as if on a whim, he stepped into the newly-vacated seat of the Lord of Mordark and declared that he would rule from this point forth. Perhaps to his disappointment, none dared to question him. Since then, he has ruled Mordark with his fiery grip.


Zegaldorph is one of the most experienced Infernals still alive today. His power over his inner fire is the stuff of legend: it is said that he can shape the flames with his force of will, create concentrated beams of heat like lasers, and even shield himself with a whirling inferno that will melt bullets on contact. It is unknown how much of this is actually true, but Zegaldorph himself says nothing to dispute the rumors, and indeed, uses his fire powers whenever possible to keep his subjects living in fear and awe, dressing in wildly fiery colors in order to magnify this effect. In person, however, he seems quite quiet and subdued. This can often add to his aura of intimidation for those who do know him, but those close to him say he is truly a very introspective individual, often prone to self-conversation about philosophical matters like life, death, freedom, and the nature of power. His scorn for those beneath him is great, but so is his scorn for those who were above him, such as Zuhaxellod X. Indeed, the only individuals he can be said to have the slightest respect for are those who have broken away from the norm, who are true individuals with a great love of personal freedom. He does not divide the world between good and evil (indeed, he hardly believes in these absolutes), but instead between the free individuals and pawns.