Xerxes sketch by Justin Stebbins




Immortal Soldier





Preferred Weapons:

Blue energy swords, energy revolvers

First Appearance

The Takeover of Mordark Issue 2: The Takeover Begins

Last Appearance

The Takeover of Mordark Issue 8: The Battle for Mordark

Xerxes was a Victorian soldier and a former student of the Immortal Soldier Project. He fought against Luke Blood-Raven in single combat, and was killed by the Enomeg super-soldier.

Biography Edit

Xerxes was born to well off parents in Mordark. His father, a former Xarkon military strategist and special ops, married a rich business woman in the City Core, where they eventually settled. Xerxes was schooled by his parents, his father teaching him military skills, both strategic and fighting, while his mother taught him the ways of business.

Xerxes joined the Mordark Police when he was 18 years old. But just after two years of being in the Police Force, Xerxes learned the truth about his parents. His mother was an Victory undercover agent, and his father was on the run from the Xarkon military with weapon schematics; the only thing that kept either of them from reporting their findings is that they knew they were being watched, if they gave up their secrets, Xarkon operatives would immediately assassinate them. They decided to risk it anyway, and sure enough, 14 hours after they sold the information to the Black Network, Grimm's Army mercenaries hired by the Xarkon military assassinated Xerxes' parents.

Xerxes, using his resources in the Mordark Police, discovered that Xarkon and Grimm's Army were behind his parents' assassination, and swore revenge. He joined with the Victorians shortly after that, and they saw his great potential. Victory was experimenting at the time with a super-soldier project that would be similar to Xarkon's Enomeg project but not involve stealing children at birth, known as the Immortal Soldier program. Xerxes was enlisted in the project and given the special armor that Victory had designed for the super-soldiers. He showed amazing progress and the project seemed to be going well, but the Victorian government suddenly cut funding and cancelled the project for various political reasons.

Xerxes continued to fight with the Victorian military, however, seeking revenge against Xarkon and Grimm's Army.

Description Edit

Xerxes has a strong sense of traditional, or what us on Earth would call Biblical, morality. He believes in justness, not fairness, and only kills in times of war or self defense, in which times he slaughters any who are against him, rarely leaving survivors. Xerxes can be characterized as a Neutral Good/Lawful Neutral character, depending on the situation. He fights not for money, though he always considers it an excellent asset, but for what he believes in; which makes him fight with determination that surpasses those who fight purely for the money.

Trivia Edit

  • The character of Xerxes was created by a SSLF member named Scott McMillan, known as Xerxes_Fett on the forums, when Justin R. R. Stebbins asked fans to submit characters to appear in the Takeover of Mordark comics.