Warbringer page01

Page 1 of the rebooted Warbringer comic from 2010.

Warbringer is a currently defunct webcomic written by Justin R. R. Stebbins and set in the Nova Refuge galaxy. It was supposed to tell the story of the cyborg clone Eric Grimm III as he makes money as a hired gun, often bringing war with him. An early version of the comic was originally started in 2006, but Justin gave up on it due to lack of time. Later in 2010 he began re-drawing it from scratch, only to quit 10 pages in, this time due to lack of inspiration. Justin has expressed that he hopes to finish Warbringer one day.

Justin's original plan was to create a comic for one character at a time, from their point of view.

Warbringer page03

Page 3 of the 2010 Warbringer reboot.


2006 descriptionEdit

The "lone wolf" mercenary Grimm III flies from planet to planet, looking for work. And where ever he flies... he brings war.

2010 reboot descriptionEdit

Lone wolf mercenary Eric Grimm III rolls his dice across a star map and ends up at the binary planets Leo and Kuro, on the border of Helexith Space. Each planet is ruled by a different gang, held together by an uneasy truce and a bribed Xarkonian official. Grimm III means to shake up the peace… because war is money.