Model Name:

KI LRF-3A "Vampire Cat"

Weight Range:



Very Fast


Full air and space flight, Interstellar Drive


2 Blazer "Stacker" cannon arrays, 2 missile tubes (payload: 6 warheads)


1 pilot

The Vampire Cat, or under its official designation KI LRF-3A is the personal Aerospace fighter of the famed mercenary Eric Grimm III.

History Edit

When Eric Grimm III decided he had to leave Terra Nova and look for work elsewhere, he spent his last remaining handful of Vics on the most fitting aerospace craft capable of interstellar travel that he could find. This vessel turned out to be the Vampire Cat.

The Vampire Cat is the smallest manned aerospace craft in existence that is capable of interstellar flight. It was designed by the now-defunct Kojoko Industries in Yavakaro, as their third attempt at making a solid interstellar-capable fighter craft. It was their most successful attempt yet, and was widely hailed as a marvel of engineering, but highly impractical. Civilians wanting to travel from place to place would rather fly in a spacious starship rather than a "coffin with wings" as some called it. The wealthy military factions of Terra Nova would rather ship fighter squadrons from system to system inside of larger vessels, as a less expensive and more practical alternative. So eventually Kojoko went out of business, and the Vampire Cat's price slowly dropped, to the point that Grimm III was able to afford one.

The Vampire Cat was named for its default blood-red color scheme and for the small pair of weapons mounts on either side of the core of the ship that looked slightly like an animal's ears. Grimm III customized his ship by mounting the weapon racks with a pair of "Stacker" cannons.

Technical data Edit

Physical arrangements Edit

The Vampire Cat has a blood-red color scheme. It has two weapons mounts on either side of its core that slightly resembles an animal's ears. The wings are painted with Eric Grimm III's signature emblem, a blood red "III", in this case modified slightly to look like cat-scratches, to match the ship's name.

The ship's cockpit is small and cramped and houses a large half-circular monitor at the front of the seat, which is able to display a starmap, which Grimm III rolls a die across in order to decide where to fly next.

The underside of the ship is fitted with simplistic landing gear, VTOL boosters, and small microthrusters on the wings for quick maneuvering in space.

The engines located on the back of the Vampire Cat have a triangular shape.

Weaponry Edit

The Vampire Cat was customized by Grimm III by mounting the ship's weapon two racks with a pair of "Stacker" cannons, which can be loaded on the fly with a wide variety of ammunition types, but usually use "blazer" projectiles. Furthermore the ship have two missile tubes with a paylod of six warheads.