XAF-117 Valkyrie Fighter/Bomber



Weight Range:




Flight Abilities:

Air and space, medium-range, no Interstellar Drive (Long-Range Interstellar Drive on prototype)


4 medium energy cannons, 2 medium missile racks, 2 anti-starship rockets, 1 "Gungnir" Shield-Breaker


1 pilot, 1 copilot

The XAF-117 Valkyrie is heavy aerospace fighter/bomber of the Xarkon Navy, known by a nickname "Valk". The Valkyrie is the latest aircraft added into the service, carrying heavy firepower and latest technologies makes Valkyrie the backbone of the Xarkon aerial forces. It can be used for air-to-air engagements, bombing runs and close air support and anti-capital ship role, this all makes Valkyrie the most versatile aircraft the Xarkon have, especially when the "Gungnir" shield-breaker weapon was mounted.

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