Model Name:

XGA-TS4 "Thrym"

Weight Range:



Very Slow


Treads, land only


1 Mjolnir Siege Cannon, 2 small SAM racks, 2 heavy blazer gatling guns, 2 small anti-personnel rear guns, 2 spinning energy blades


1 pilot, 1 gunner

The Thrym Siege Tank, or under its official designation XGA-TS4, is a Xarkonian heavy military tank. The Thrym tank is often seen escorting the smaller Jotun hovertanks into battle.

Technical data Edit

The Xarkon Thrym Siege Tank is powered by heavy-duty energy cells.

Physical arrangements Edit

The Thrym Tank moves by large treads rather than hoverpad technology. The armor plating on the sides are rough and built to withstand a lot.

Per rule the tank was built so that it resembles the Crown of Xarkon, a feature visible from the air.

Weaponry Edit

The Thrym Tank is fitted with energy saws, heavy blazer gatling guns, rear machine guns, missiles and armor-piercing explosive ballistic shells.

The large cannon on the top of the tank is named the "Mjolnior Cannon," named after the hammer of the thunder god of Norse mythology, Thor. In one myth, Mjolnir was stolen by the Frost Giant Thrym, from whom the tank takes its name. Eventually Thor retrieved it and killed Thrym with it. The Xarkon military are currently working on a heavy siege walker called the Thor which will mount the Mjolnir Cannon.

The Mjolnir Cannon is the longest-range artillery weapon in the Nova Refuge galaxy. Not only is the Mjolnir shell fully capable of blowing through the hull of a capital ship provided its shields are down, but it also is surrounded by an energy field to help it burn through as well as punch through. The Mjolnir Cannon is also capable of rotating 360 degrees.

The tank's rear guns are moderately powerful, capable of taking down infantry and some light armored vehicles. The rear gunner does not only function as a rear gunner, but can also control the main cannon no matter which way it is facing, thus leaving the driver free to control the vehicle's movement and other weapons' systems. When the tank was built, it was decided to not leave anything up to automation.

The orange energy saws are made up of a circle of suspended-energy blades that can spin. When they strikes an enemy's shields, it's like battering them with eight energy blades in a few milliseconds, which quickly overloads the shields. The saws can also be used to cut through enemy fortifications and anti-tank obstacles.

The tank's side gatling guns can rotate and point upwards.