The Legend of Saber-Scorpion is planned to be a series of science fiction novles written by Justin R. R. Stebbins and set in the Nova Refuge universe. Currently there is one installment titled Warrior Born. A second installment with the working title Saber's Edge is currently being written by Stebbins with no known release date.

The series is planned follow focus on the Enomeg super-soldier Saber-Scorpion as he fights for Xarkon and struggles with hos own sense of justice and morality. The story is additionally told from the point of view an extensive gallery of key characters from the different factions.

Plot Edit

Setting Edit

The Legend of Saber-Scorpion is set in the new and foregim galaxy of Nova Refuge, three hundred years after Humanity has evacuated the Solar System to survive its destruction brought about by the Sun exploding in a supernova. So far the majority of the story has been taking place on the planet Terra Nova, the new home of Humanity, mainly on the continent belonging to the nation Xarkon.

Warrior Born Edit

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