Scout in the Armed Forces of Xarkon





Preferred Weapons:

Primary Weapons: Dual pistols
Secondary Weapons (if applicable): Sniper or assault rifle

"Strider" is a scout in the Armed Forces of Xarkon.

Biography Edit

Strider had worked for several well-known organizations before he decided to take up the job of an assassin. When he went looking for a new ship after his previous one was destroyed, he found a partner who helped him rebuild a weapons supply ship. His name was Jasper, and he became his pilot. The two of them went on many missions together to collect bounties on some of the most feared outlaws in known space.

One day Strider and Jasper were engaging in another battle against a group of criminals, but unfortunately the criminals destroyed their ship and killed Jasper. Strider afterwards only remembered going black and then awakening in a desert. For two years he survived out there, out of work, searching for civilization. When he finally succeeded in finding a settlement in the wastes, he didn't know what to do.

Strider eventually found a ship, and with some money from an old friend of his he planned to start anew. This friend suggested he join the Xarkon military. After hearing his incredible story, a Xarkonian officer immediately made him a Scout, and he has been serving Xarkon well ever since.

Trivia Edit

  • The character of Strider was created by a SSLF member named Andrew Oda, known as Silt Strider on the forums, when Justin R. R. Stebbins asked fans to submit characters to appear in the Takeover of Mordark comics.