Portrait spectra

Real Name:





Unknown (known hacker and IT expert)







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Eye Color:


Preferred Weapons:

Specialized fold-out crossbow, Blazer sword

Spectra is a mysterious operative who claims to be a mercenary.

Biography Edit

Very little is known about the mysterious woman called Spectra. Her presence has been observed at many important incidents in recent history, if only in faint traces such as blurry glimpses on security cameras or eyewitness reports of a shadow watching from a distance. Lone wolf mercenary Grimm III met her when he stopped by a bar to cool down and relax after undergoing surgery (for battle wounds) in a nearby hospital. She approached him and offered him work, never revealing the source of her information or the name of her employer. Three was more than willing to accept the high-paying job, however, and he and Spectra frequently worked together after that. He puts up with her mysterious and manipulative ways, even as she uses him as the muscle for their team (with herself as the brains). She later informed him that she had originally worked for the Six in Yavakaro as a professional spy and assassin, but decided the money could be better elsewhere. Who she works for now, none can say.

Description Edit

Spectra is usually seen wearing a skin-tight black outfit. When she wishes, this outfit reflects a purplish hue when struck by light, although this strange property can be disabled for better sneaking ability, clearly identifying her armor as nanofiber mesh or similar. A mask covers her face at nearly all times, leaving only her large, dark eyes revealed - and these she frequently covers with a pair of goggles outfitted with many advanced capabilities. It is suspected that she often travels in disguise to gather information. A lithe and beautiful woman, she is capable of getting her way with most men by merely batting her eyelashes. For those too wise or too stubborn to fall for this, however, she also carries a very small fold-out crossbow and a blade at all times, and has proven herself to be quite skilled at martial arts as well. Using a combination of her grapple cable and climbing bracers, as well as her acrobatic skills, she is able to reach almost any location, and she can use her hacking skills to gain entry to almost any building. When speaking she uses few, carefully chosen words, leaving as much unsaid as possible. She seems to enjoy keeping secrets, and uses mystery as a shroud as much as she uses the shadows.