Portrait shadowcat

Real Name:

Cathryn Carla Frey








314 PA (age 19)





Hair Color:


Eye Color:


Preferred Weapons:

Star-Talon Hand-Blades, PQ-23 "Whisper" Silenced Pistol

Cathryn 'Shadow-Cat' is one of the Second Phase Enomegs super-soldiers, specializing in stealth infiltration. 

Biography Edit

Like all Enomegs, Shadow-Cat was taken by the Xarkon government as an infant after tesing positive for certain "warrior genes." She was given the name Cathryn by the government and raised in special training centers her whole life. Most of her friends began referring to her as "Cat" from the beginning, thus determining her codename early, and making her the only Enomeg with the same name and codename.

As the most feminine Enomeg trainee, many of the other studuents tried to hit on her, or underestimated her and tried to beat her down. Her closest friend was Lee (Blade-Mantis), one of the few who treated her respectfully as an equal. Thus, the two often worked together as a team. Her ability to manipulate others, as well as her own extraordinary skills (especially in the art of stealth), allowed her to excel all the way toward the ETAB (Enomeg Training Academy Base), where she hopes to complete her training and become a full-fledged Enomeg super-soldier.

Description Edit

Cat's primary combat skill is in stealth, for which she has a natural talent. Her extraordinary grace and acrobatic ability also make her a superb martial artist and formidable sword fighter. Though not quite what the average Xarkonian would call "beautiful," she is not unattractive, and was easily the most feminine of the Second Phase Enomeg trainees. She often used this to her advantage, becoming an expert at manipulating others.

Armor Edit

Portrait shadowcat helmet

The Infiltrator helmet.

Build Name: "Infiltrator"

Each Enomeg Soldier wears a suit of armor specifically designed to suit his personal skills and requirements. Shadow-Cat's armor build is the "Infiltrator." Since she prefers to use stealth as her greatest weapon, Cat's suit features enhanced detector jamming technology and more powerful heat sinks throughout the suit to reduce her ability to be detected by heat sensors. The "Infiltrator" suit shares its antenna design with Magnum-Coyote's "Hunter" suit, both of which feature slightly ear-shaped antenna "horns" that allow for greater communication abilities when separated from the rest of the group. The other sensory devices atop her helmet have also been boosted to give her greater awareness of her surroundings. To compute all of this input, her helmet's built-in computer is larger and more powerful, as evidenced by the larger silver disks on either side of her head. As a result of all this increased technology, however, her actual armor plating is somewhat weaker than normal, to reduce weight and aid in stealth (for which it has an enhanced active camouflage system). Luckily, she is quick enough on her feet to escape most danger before it gets to her.