Officer in the Armed Forces of Xarkon





Hair color:


Preferred Weapons

Primary Weapons: Shielded sword and SMG (Sub-Machine Gun)
Secondary Weapons: Backup pistol

Saske Harre (pronounced Sahskay) is an officer in the Armed Forces of Xarkon.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

When Saske was young he was with Victory. He was captain of a mech squad that got ambushed, and Ryan Arkanian issued the order to leave them to die. For this he has had a grudge against Ryan ever since. He was captured by Xarkon and shown new light.

Back in Victory Saske had a small family, but he came to know nothing of them. One of Saske's hands are robotic, since he lost it in a fight against Grimm's Army, in which Jade cut it off, stabbed him in the shoulder, and left him fatally injured. He was rescued by his squad, and he now bears a dislike toward Jade, but also a certain amount of respect for her. At that time he was but a mere soldier, but he soon rose in the ranks and became an officer. Recently he has thought of quitting Xarkon, since the ideals of the army do not seem appealing to him anymore, and the pay is not as good as that of Grimm's Army. Not to mention Grimm has got some pretty decent fighters on his side.

Trivia Edit

  • The character of Saske Harre was created by a SSLF member named George, known as Chewbacca on the forums, when Justin R. R. Stebbins asked fans to submit characters to appear in the Takeover of Mordark comics.