Portrait ryan
"Let them go. If we keep fighting them, they'll keep fighting back. I don't want to lose any more men."


Ryan Arkanian






Immortal Soldier Project Trainee (formerly)

Specialist-Sergeant in the Victorian Defense Forces

Commander of the special forces


316 PA (age 17)





Hair Color:


Eye Color:


Preferred Weapons:

Victorian standard issue sidearm, Harpy Eagle magnum pistol, twin blazer battle-daggers

Preferred Vehicle:

Victorian Cheetah walker

Ryan Arkanian, also known by the codename Orion, is a Victorian soldier, former student in the Immortal Soldier Project, now a Commander in the special forces.

Biography Edit

Ryan Arkanian was born in Xarkon, but he did not remain there long. When both of his siblings mysteriously "died" in the hospital shortly after their birth, Ryan's mother became suspicious. Using her husband's military connections, she dug up information on the Enomeg project, eventually finding where they had taken her youngest daughter, Maegan. In 318 PA, she hooked up with a group of rebels in order to attack the facility where her daughter was being held and get her back. They were successful in rescuing Maegan, but the group was pursued all the way back to the Arkanians' home, where a battle took place. In the fighting, Maegan ended up left behind, and only Ryan and his mother escaped. They ended up in Victory, where Ryan was raised.

When he learned about the fate of his siblings, Ryan was furious, and soon joined a military academy to help in the fight against Xarkon. Unknown to his mother, he volunteered for a new project called the Immortal Soldier - created to parallel Xarkon's Enomeg project. Using whatever supersoldier genes he might have, he now trains hard to return to Xarkon and fight the government that destroyed his family. But most of all, he wants to find what happened to his siblings, and if they are still alive... to bring them back.

Description Edit

Ryan is young, but behind his eyes lies a determination and a drive that pushes him to hone his skills to a razor edge and unleash them against Xarkon. Somewhat stoic, he usually hides his emotions and feelings, but he is known to be very perceptive at reading others and recognizing faces he may only have seen in passing. Unlike the Enomegs, who are trained to operate alone, Ryan was trained to lead a squad of Victorian soldiers. This task he performs excellently, always keeping his group working as a unit and doing his best to never leave a man behind, though some see him as aloof since he rarely fraternizes with his squad. Due to this loyal, upright, and honorable attitude, as well as the unique appearance of his suit of prototype armor, some have nicknamed him "the Blue Knight."

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