The RBR-42 "Ironslinger" is an old lever-action blazer rifle manufactured and developed by Worchester in Xarkon during the Xenocide War. Unlike modern firearms, the Ironslinger is a chemical firearm and takes shelled rounds, while most modern firearms uses caseless projectiles. The gun's rounds are armor-piercing and it does not utilize HPG technology that most modern firearms uses to propel projectiles. The gun has no scope or laser pointer, instead opting for a straight sight down the top. The bullets the gun packs can punch through Slashrim or Mahlok hide as easily as a Sarran crossbow bolt. The Enomeg Saber-Scorpion uses an Ironslinger, citing his reason as, although bullets are hard to come by, there are no risk of fusion crystal decay or faulty electronics, since the gun had neither.

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