Portrait marius orrick
"The Orrick Dynasty is not to be spoken of as if its time had already passed. We are Xarkon, and Xarkon is forever."


Marius Cornelius Orrick




Emperor of Xarkon


244 PA (age 88-89)





Hair Color:

None (bald). Wears fake grey hair.

Eye Color:


Marius Cornelius Orrick is the fourth monarch and current Emperor of Xarkon, and a member of the Orrick Dynasty. Nearly 90 years old, Orrick still lives and serves, though his rule grows less and less popular since he has stopped publicly appearing.


Marius Orrick comes from the distinguished Orrick family who have served Xarkon throughout its history. The first Orrick to gain the throne itself, however, was Marius' father Darius, who was given the Crown by the last of the Skye Dynasty, Konrad Skye, when he stepped down as Emperor. The new Orrick dynasty was not as successful as Konrad had hoped, however, and it was during their reign that Zygbar was lost to the Sun Dragon Rebellion. The current Emperor, Marius, inherited the throne when Darius died in 294. Marius was already 50 years old at this time, and now he is approaching 90. He rules with a firm and experienced hand, but his reign grows steadily more unpopular, especially since in the last few years he has ceased making public appearances, letting the High Commander of the Armed Forces, Lucas Mars, serve as the face and voice of Xarkon. Many eagerly await the demise of the ancient and sickly Marius Orrick, but so far he has outlived all of his opponents' expectations in terms of lifespan.

Description Edit

The only things that remain strong in Marius Orrick are his pride and, surprisingly, the power of his mind. Learned and intelligent, Orrick has kept Xarkon strong for decades, but has failed to make it any stronger, earning him much contempt from the public who desire to see signs of expansion. When in public, the Emperor dresses himself up with as much pomp and display as possible, since his own physical appearance is thin and frail, his body racked with weakness and disease. His voice, though no match for Mars', speaks with a clarity that reveals how sharp his mind yet remains.