Portrait coyote
"This baby's an official Xarkon Arms Magnum Sidearm. They call it the Dirge. Comes in one color: black."

Real Name:

Vincent Nathan Marshall








314 PA (age 19)





Hair Color:

Dark Brown

Eye Color:


Preferred Weapons:

Xarkon Arms "Dirge" Magnum Sidearm, Enomeg "Star-Talon" Hand-Blades

Vincent 'Magnum-Coyote' is one of the Second Phase Enomeg super-soldiers serving Xarkon.

Biography Edit

Like all Enomegs, Magnum-Coyote was taken by the Xarkon government as an infant after testing positive for certain "warrior genes." He was given the name Vincent by the government and raised in special training centers his whole life. Throughout all of this, Vincent managed to retain his fiery attitude and independent streak. He developed a rivalry with the well-known bully Kade (Gun-Barracuda), who continually tried to beat some discipline into Coyote, but without much success. This caused Coyote to be very popular among most of the trainees, who enjoyed his antics and envied his skill. Even though he viewed his trainers with less respect than most, Vincent's stellar performances in the field and in training exercises forced his instructors to put up with him and continue transferring him along with the best trainees, all the way up to the ETAB (Enomeg Training Academy Base), where he is now set to finish his training and become a full-fledged Enomeg super-soldier.

Description Edit

Throughout his training, Magnum-Coyote's general brash and cocky attitude has remained mostly unchanged. Perhaps his enthusiasm comes from the fact that although he is not crazy about taking orders, he usually enjoys carrying them out, since he loves combat almost more than any other Enomeg. He enjoys showing off his skills in training and destroying his enemies in true combat, where his cocky attitude is often replaced by an angry drive toward his final goal. Some would even call him vicious. Though quite a popular trainee, Coyote is often not viewed as a good teammate due to his tendency to disobey orders and stick to his own methods, following his whims even if it means abandoning the rest of the group. His commanders, however, have done little to discourage this, as Enomegs are trained to work alone as long as they can successfully complete the mission. And in that, Coyote can ultimately be depended upon.


Portrait coyote helmet

The Hunter helmet.

Build Name: "Hunter"

Each Enomeg Soldier wears a suit of armor specifically designed to suit his personal skills and requirements. Magnum-Coyote's armor build is the "Hunter." Since his choice of weapon is a heavy magnum pistol or other powerful, high-caliber weapon, Coyote's aiming ability is aided by enhanced optics, in the form of a larger lens-array "gem" and a more open visor with a larger targeting HUD (Heads-Up Display). Coyote's "Hunter" suit shares its antenna design with Shadow-Cat's "Infiltrator" suit, both of which feature slightly ear-shaped antenna "horns" that allow for greater communication abilities when separated from the rest of the group (if there is one). Finally, the top of his helmet is designed to be slightly more aerodynamic than most, since he has proven to be the fastest runner of all the Enomegs.