Weight Range:





2 medium energy cannons, 2 blazer machine guns, 2 small missile racks


1 Pilot


Long-range sensor and communication antennas

The Lynx Light walker is the smallest combat-use walker used in the Victorian Defense Forces.

Technical data Edit

The Lynx is fast, agile, and sure-footed, and has enough firepower to hold its own against most foes, which is why Victory uses it a lot in combat situations, as opposed to Xarkon's Fox, which is usually only used on scouting missions.

Physical arrangements Edit

The Lynx's jump boosters may appear small in comparison with the rest of the vehicle, but it is capable of much longer distance flights than most larger walkers. Not as far as the Xarkon Fox, however.

The small walker's antennas serve a purpose similar to that of the Xarkon Fox's radar dish "ear." They are used for detection and long-distance communication. They are made to resemble the tufts of fur on a Lynx's ears.

The Lynx's weapon arms are mobile, allowing for pinpoint accuracy at close ranges.

Weaponry Edit

The Lynx Light walker is armed with 2 medium energy cannons built into its arms, 2 blazer machine guns placed just before the weapon arms and 2 small missile racks located at the sides of the cockpit.