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Unknown (approx. 300 PA)





Skin Color:


Eye Color:


Preferred Weapons:

Blazer Machine Gun with Axe-Head Blazer Bayonet

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Lashnar is a Slashrim mercenary and frequent partner to fellow mercenary Grimm III.


Lashnar was born on a colony world of the Helexith Emipre where, like nearly all of her kind, she was soon drafted into the huge war machine of the Mahlok. However, she proved to be difficult to control. When the Mahlok tried to make use of her for breeding purposes as she approached the third stage of her life cycle, she killed several of their chosen mates, claiming they were too weak to deserve her. She then managed to escape the breeding facility using her surprising cunning, but she was later recaptured

The Mahlok decided she was too intelligent and rebellious for the Helexith army proper, so they sold her as a slave into Human territory. There, she met the mercenary Grimm III on the border worlds of Leo/Kuro, and together they fought for the freedom of many Slashrim slaves. Afterward, she felt she owed the mercenary a great debt, so she agreed to help him on his missions. Today, the two of them still work together, with Lashnar gladly serving as muscle or even as a distraction, and never questioning her partner's motives.


Lashnar is a gigantic and vicious stage-three Slashrim Zrillak with a row of spines running down her back from her nose to the tip of her tail. Alongside these spines are rows of black stripes adorning her deep red skin. Muscular, scarred, and monstrous, most Humans would never take Lashnar for a female, so they merely refer to her as "him." Since this is the case with all Slashrim when dealing with other species, Lashnar usually ignores it, only becoming offended if a person who has already been informed of her gender later forgets it, or worse, begins to make snide comments about women.

Unlike many rebel Slashrim, Lashnar does not seem to hate the Mahlok so much as she hates her own species for being so weak and stupid as to fall under their spell. As a result, she often feels ashamed of her heritage. Her greatest hope is that one day, with Greeshakk's help, the Slashrim can finally become a species of which she can proudly call herself a member... but until that time she feels it would be unwise to join Greeshakk's dangerous cause. For now, she is content to take out her anger on her enemies, whoever they may currently be.