Model Name:

XGA-TH2 "Jotun"

Weight Range:





Hovers on Land, Floats at Sea


2 anti-personnel blazer machine guns, 2 heavy ballistic cannons


1 pilot

The Jotun hovertank, or under its official designation XGA-TH2, is a highly used Xarkonian military hover tank, which is fast and light but heavy-hitting.

Technical data Edit

Physical arragenments Edit

The Jotun was deigned specifically to be held under the belly of the Nidhogg dropship. The Jotun is piloted by a single man. It employs a complex controk method involving a central foot "platform" that is like a giant pedal. This platform can be pushed down and pivoted from side to side with the feet, and it is used for turning. The pilot also holds a pair of control sticks. One controls the forward machine guns, the other the main heavy gun turret. Some attempts have been made to implement mind-link control, but it is usually deemed to expensive to incorporate on a vehicle of this size.

The main heavy gun turret on the top containing the anti-personnel machine guns, which were built so that they resemble the Crown of Xarkon when looked at from above, can swivel from side to side.

The Jotun are fitted with a windshield made of Transperium, which allows pilots to have great visibility without the worry of being shot.

The Jotun is very top-heavy but employs hover technology that prevents it from turning over, by utilizing hoverpads placed at the bottom of the tank. Treads are considered pretty primitive in this time period, but hoverpads are unfortunately unable to hold up a great amount of weight, making the old treads and wheels still useful in some cases. The array of engines on the back of the Jotun allow it to move quickly and make sharp turns with ease. Though not as fast as a Hornet bike, it is still close enough.

Weaponry Edit

The Jotun sports a pair of powerful cannons that can be mounted with varying weaponry. They are usually both gauss cannons, which are so powerful they kick the entire vehicle back a good yard when firing at once. Besides these powerful weapons, the vehicle is also armed with a pair of anti-personnel machine guns that fires blazer bullets.

Trivia Edit

"Jotun" is a Old Norse word meaning "giant" and refers to a race of giants in Norse mythology, often depicted as the mortal enemy of th Æsir, the gods of Norse mythology.