Weight Range:





2 blazer machine guns, 1 medium energy lance, 4 heavy rockets, 2 small missile racks, 2 bombs


1 Pilot

The Hussar Strike Bomber is a is a light tactical bomber used in the Victorian Defense Forces' Aerospace Force for hit-and-run operations. The Hussar has played at least some part in earning Victory the reputation of having the best Aerospace force of any nations on Terra Nova.

Technical data Edit

Unlike the many bombers, the Hussar is small and speedy, able to get in and out fast, and strike hard. It is most capable of this in space, because its relatively short wings and heavy payload slow its movement in the atmosphere until it fires some of its missiles or bombs.

Physical arrangements Edit

The Hussar have a very angular shape, with its wings in a slightly V-like shape. The flag of Victory, the "V for Victory" are displayed on the sides of the Hussar, just at the sides of the cockpit's canopy. The ship have two large white afterburners located under its short wings. The Hussar's most distinctive feature are its V-shaped engines.

The Hussar typically lands in "racks" on the ceilings of Victorian hangars. When a pilot wants to fly one, he mounts up on a little hovering platform, called the Hussar Saddle. The pilot then uses this platform to fly up under the Hussar and attach to the bottom. The Saddle are the only way to enter or leave the cockpit. The Saddle will also serve as an ejector seat when necessary during a battle.

There is a gas tank port located on the side of the ship used for refueling when in the hangar rack.

Weaponry Edit

The Hussar is very heavily armed. It has two heavy rockets on top, typically used in space against capital ships, and two bombs on the bottom, used for bombing ground targets. On the underside of its wings are six air-to-air missiles. On the front of the bomber are two blazer heavy machine guns and an energy "Lance," a special weapon developed by Victory that is especially effective against shields. It was the precursor to Xarkon's Gungnir Shield-Breaker cannon.