Weight Range:

Very Light




Hovers on Land, Floats at Sea


2 blazer machine guns


1 rider

The Hoplite Hoverbike is a highly used Victorian military hoverbike used to transport soldiers at high speeds.

Technical data Edit

Physical arrangements Edit

The Victorian Hoplite is a little thicker than your average "hoverbike," and is somewhere between a small hovercar or hover-platform in size. It has thick armor and a pair of mounted weapons. This is because, unlike Xarkon's Hornet, the Victorian Hoplite was not a modified civilian vehicle, but were designed by Victorian engineers for serious combat. They are usually used for scouting, city patrol, and for taking on groups of infantry.

On the front of the Hoplite is a silver and black "V" symbol, while the Victorian flag, the "V for Victory" is displayed in the traditional silver color on the back.

The Hoplite is fitted a single thruster on the back, and a yellow headlight on the front.

Weaponry Edit

The Hoplite is armed with two blazer machine guns located on the sides of the hoverbike.