Helexith is the god of the Helexith Empire. When the Mahlok conquered Slasheth, they corrupted the religion of the largest Slashrim tribe, declaring the Mahlok leader Zuhaxellod to be the prophet of their sun-god Helexith. Even today, the leader of the Helexith Empire goes by the name Zuhaxellod, declaring himself to be the physical avatar of the god all Slashrim worship.

The religion of Helexith is one of duality:

  • Heat is good, and Cold is evil. Heat brings warmth and life, whereas cold destroys all.
  • Liquid is good, and Solid is evil. Water sustains life, whereas weapons of stone and metal can be used to end it.
  • Light is good, and Dark is evil. Light allows one to see, gives life to animals and plants, whereas darkness brings cold, blindness, and causes plants to wither.
  • Life is the combination of Heat, Liquid, and Light. The body needs light to survive and to see, it is full of liquid, and it is warm. When the body is killed, it goes Cold, dry and rigidly Solid, and joins the Darkness. The combination of these things is Death.
  • Helexith is the creator and bringer of Heat, Liquid, and Light, for he is the god of the Sun and of Fire, the combination of all these things. Life is the gift of Helexith and should not be thrown away, but death through fire, and the burning of dead bodies, returns the spirit of the dead to Helexith's arms.
  • Though there are some sects of the religion that believe in a Dark God who would destroy all - the opposite of Helexith - this is not supported by Zuhaxellod's canon, which establishes that Helexith is the one true god, sending his Suns to defending his followers against the forces of death, darkness, and chaos that exist everywhere in the cold, black universe.