Ethan Maverson


Ethan Maverson




Grimm's Mercenary Army


Immortal Soldier project trainee (formerly)
Recruit of Grimm's Mercenary Army







Hair Color:

Dark brown

Eye color:

Blue-green with a yellowish "flame" around the pupils

Ethan Maverson, also known by the codename Odysseus, is a Victorian soldier, former student in the Immortal Soldier Project, now undercover as a recruit of Grimm's Mercenary Army.

Biography Edit

Ethan Maverson had been part of the Victorian Immortals project, and became very frustrated when it was canceled, so he decided he wanted to leave the Victorian army. Victory would not let him walk away with all of the training he had gone through, so he set up a deal with them and joined Grimm's Mercenary Army in order to spy on them. By using a small computer and satellite packed into a thin backpack, he sent whatever info he acquired to the Victorian government.

Description Edit

Ethan Maverson is considered to be very attractive. He is about five feet, seven inches tall, with medium-length dark brown hair, and blue-green eyes with a yellowish "flame" around the pupils. Ethan has a big, bright smile, which is considered one of his most charming features, but he has a pretty cocky attitude that often gets on people's nerves.

Currently Ethan wears a dark brown poncho over some sort of armor. He has a thin backpack containing a small computer and a satellite, used to send written messages to his superiors while spying on Grimm's Army.

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