Enomegs are the super-soldiers of Xarkon. They are taken as children and tested for the genetic warrior code, or the "warrior genes."  to become Enomegs. As Enomegs, they are raised in Xarkon facilities and bred for war, trained with every sort of weapon imaginable, as well as the use of a wide variety of vehicles and all kinds of combat.

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Phases Edit

There have been two "Phases" of Enomeg inductees. The first resulted in a single Enomeg who finished his training, and is the current commander of the Enomegs - Dark-Dragon.

The second phase proved much more successful, with notable trainees such as Saber-Scorpion and Blood-Raven. This phase was the prototype and the results will determine whether or not there will be a third Phase of Enomegs.

Armor Edit

Portrait scorp helmet

Saber-Scorpion's helmet, part of his "Avenger" armor.

Each Enomeg wears a suit of armor specifically designed to augment his or her personal skills. Each separate suit of armor is given a build name to designate its type. The names generally suit the wearer and his or her personality, just as the armor design and function does. All Enomeg armor is highly advanced and extremely protective, bearing numerous on-board devices and tools to aid its wearer in every situation. In addition to protecting and enhancing its wearer, the Enomeg armor can be equipped with a variety of weapons such a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher, and two Star-Talon blades located on their gauntlets for close quarter combat. The Star-Talons are and the standard issure for all Enomegs.

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Trivia Edit

  • "Enomeg" is an anagram of "genome."