Justyn Larkon




Spec Ops in the Armed Forces of Xarkon


314 (age 19)

Hair color:






Preferred Weapons:

Primary Weapon: Sniper rifle
Secondary Weapons: (if applicable): Pistol and knife

Justyn 'DeadEye' Larkon is a failed Second Phase Enomeg trainee turned Spec Ops officer in the Armed Forces of Xarkon.

Biography Edit

Justyn Larkon was born with all of the qualifications of an Enomeg, and began training as an Enomeg from his birth. Although lacking in what Saber-Scorpion and Raven had in hand to hand combat, Justyn made up for it in sniping. Though perhaps the best sniper in all of Xarkon, Justyn never made it through the tougher parts of Enomeg training. Despite this, Commander Lars saw the value in him as a sniper. Lars began a Spec Ops section of Xarkon just for Justyn. After several missions Justyn earned the nickname DeadEye for his quick and efficient kills with his trusty sniper rifle.


Since he's a rejected Enomeg, Justyn is more skilled than the average soldier in Xarkon's army, though not nearly as good as the actual Enomegs. Deadly loyal to Xarkon, DeadEye would without a doubt give his life for the good of Xarkon. He feels most calm when on the field, looking into his target's eyes through his rifle's scope.

Trivia Edit

  • The character of DeadEye was created by a SSLF member named Justin, known as Pancreas on the forums, when Justin R. R. Stebbins asked fans to submit characters to appear in the Takeover of Mordark comics.