Crown of Xarkon Warrior Born

The Crown of Xarkon.

The Crown of Xarkon is worn by the Xarkonian monarch as a symbol of their power. The Crown was designed by Empress Kristal Skye in the year 232 PA and since then became the emblem of the nation.

History Edit

Designed by Kristal Skye in the year 232 PA, the Crown of Xarkon became the official emblem of the country and the empire since Skye assumed the throne and declared herself empress of Xarkon. When Empress Skye passed away the Crown was passed down to her younger brother Konrad Skye, the last member of the Skye Dynasty.

When Konrad stepped down as emperor, he gave the Crown to Darius Orrick, beginning the Orrick Dynasty. At the end of Darius' reign, the Crown was passed down to Darius' son Marius Orrick, who is still emperor to this day.

Design Edit

The Crown is metallic and crimson, with a five-pronged design. The prongs are pointy and are located on the front of the royal ornament, two large prongs on the sides, a large one in the middle, and one smaller one between the middle one and each of the side ones which curve outward and inward like short claws. The larger prongs ends in sharp points at the bottom that extend slightly down across the wearer's face, mostly the forehead. The larger middle prong has a red stone in the center, at the forehead. A half circle band extends from the back of the prongs and are used to hold the Crown in place, going around the back of the wearer's head.