The CONON Great Hall, with towers for each of the Big Four.








Grey and White

Current Mediator:

Howard Cohen, Republic of Apollo


CONON Station, in orbit around Terra Nova, New Sol (system)

The Council of Nations of Nova Refuge (CONON for short) is an organization that was formed to uphold order and peace between the major human factions. Previously known as the Council of Nations of Novaterra the organization was renamed when humanity began to spread out into space once more. The Natives in Nova Refuge take umbrage with the name, as Humans only comprise a third of the populated galaxy. CONON appears to function in much the same manner as the old Earth United Nations or the European Union, though with measurably more success.

The Pax NovaEdit

The treaty known as Pax Nova, signed a while after the Xenocide War, stipulates that one Human nation should never again go to war with another without approval from all the nations represented in CONON - due to the threat posed by alien species. It is the only thing that seems to holds CONON together.

The Big FourEdit

Victory, Xarkon, Yavakaro, and Zygbar - the so-called 'Big Four' - are the primary factions represented in CONON. There are also many smaller factions, usually ones which control individual colony worlds or systems. The Big Four each control not only their nations on Terra Nova, but a few outsystem worlds or systems as well.