In this section you will find info about all of Nova Refuge's major factions, be they major galactic governments or alliances, or smaller independent groups.

About Faction Philosophies (OOC)Edit

Many have asked who the "badguy" is supposed to be in Nova Refuge, and who are the "goodguys." In extremely over-simplified terms, the goodguys are Victory, Yavakaro, and Harmony, and the badguys are Xarkon, Zygbar, Helexith, and Grimm's Army (although Grimm is neutral in a way, since he can be hired by either side).

However, things are not really that simple. These factions are nations, composed of many different people with varying attitudes. Because of this, we have come up with an alignment system for the philosophies of the major factions. The system runs on four parameters:

- Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic - Does the faction generally believe that strict laws are necessary to keep things working properly, or does it believe that leaving people free to do as they please will work out best in the end? Or is it a mixture of the two?

- Warlike/Peaceful - Does the faction generally believe in solving problems through open warfare and strength of arms, or does it prefer to resolve disputes peacefully through negotiation, with war as a last resort?

- Defensive/Offensive - Does the faction genearlly build up its defenses and wait for the enemy to attack rather than starting the war themselves, or does it believe in conquest and expansion and taking the first strike against the enemy?

- Honorable/Dishonorable - An Honorable nation tries to keep war 'civil' and 'fair,' believing in rules of engagement and avoiding collatoral damage to non-combatants. A Dishonorable nation will use any methods necessary, no matter how dirty or 'immoral', to win a fight.

You will find these listed on each faction's page. Some of them may surprise you. For example, this should make it clear how similar Xarkon and Victory truly are. They are both lawful, honorable, and warlike. Perhaps these similarities are actually what makes them hate each other so much for their few differences. Also note that the two most opposite factions are the age-old Native enemies, Harmony and Helexith.


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