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314 PA (age 19)





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Preferred Weapons:

Star-Talon Hand-Blades, Blazer Katana, Blazer Pistol

Lee Blade-Mantis is one of the Second Phase Enomeg super-soldiers serving Xarkon. Blade-Mantis is an exceptional duelist who is able to fight on equal terms with his two Enomeg comrades Saber-Scorpion and Blood-Raven.

Biography Edit

Like all Enomegs, Blade-Mantis was taken by the Xarkon government as an infant after being tested positive for certain "warrior genes." Given the name Lee by the government and raised in special training centers his whole life, he was quickly found to be a grade-A student and a natural warrior. He showed a special affinity with blades, though his personal preference ran more toward solid metal ones as opposed to those of pure energy, more common in modern Nova Refuge.

Unlike the other prodigies such as Blood-Raven and Saber-Scorpion, Mantis never acted aloof, instead becoming well-known and well-liked by all, both students and instructors. Equally friendly to defeated opponents and those who bested him, Mantis sees both victory and defeat as learning experiences for both himself and his opponent. This allowed him to pass through his years of training with little trouble, to become one of the most skilled Enomeg trainees in the ETAB (Enomeg Training Academy Base), where he is widely known as the only Enomeg with even a chance of beating the two star pupils, Scorp and Raven. If anyone can match them, it's Blade-Mantis.

Description Edit

A great soldier and a great friend, Mantis is both respected and liked by nearly all his peers. During training and peacetime, Mantis can come across as a joker with his carefree attitude and friendliness (indeed, he often refers to everyone as "my friend"). This can initially lead one to question whether or not he takes his duty seriously. When on the battlefield, however, all doubts are immediately erased. In serious situations, Mantis changes personality entirely. He becomes all business: stoic, determined, and dependable to do anything necessary to get the job done, and done well. He follows orders carefully and to the letter, never flinching from what he perceives as his duty. It would be nearly impossible to find a soldier more loyal to Xarkon and its cause.


Portrait mantis helmet

The Duelist helmet.

Build Name: "Duelist"

Each Enomeg Soldier wears a suit of armor specifically designed to suit his personal skills and requirements. Blade-Mantis's armor build is the "Duelist." Since his choice of weapon is a solid blade, his helmet was equipped with extra neck-protection specifically for dueling, including lower-set cheek-guards and a neck-guard curving around the back. His two central helmet fins help in both communications and jamming, allowing him to close in on his enemies unaware so he can fight melee. As a result, the "horns" on either side of the helmet are smaller and thinner, as is his visor, sacrificing vision for protection. Even though the helmet is one of the most heavily armored of all the Enomegs, Mantis's suit itself is slightly lighter than normal, allowing for a greater range of mobility while still protecting key areas.