Artur Zabius




Scout in the Armed Forces of Xarkon

Hair color:






Preferred Weapons:

Primary Weapons: Single SMG
Secondary Weapons (if applicable): Sniper rifle

Artur Zabius is a scout in the Armed Forces of Xarkon.

Description Edit

Artur is a man who follows orders, but thinks of other people while carrying them out. He is currently in the Xarkon army but may be swayed to join other sides if properly convinced. He was picked as a scout because he has excellent eyesight and is faster than most other soldiers. He chose to join Xarkon because he was in desperate need of money and supplies, for a failing family business.

Trivia Edit

  • The character of Artur Zabius was created by a SSLF member named NR, known as Trooper on the forums, when Justin R. R. Stebbins asked fans to submit characters to appear in the Takeover of Mordark comics.

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