Portrait falcon
"Here on Terra Nova, human kind was given an opportunity to start all over again, to learn from the mistakes of the past and build a better world... and look at what we've done with it."

Real Name:

Amyliarra (Amy) Archer






Scout Walker Pilot


312 PA





Hair Color:


Eye Color:


Preferred Weapons:

Blazer pistol

Amy "Falcon" Archer is a Xarkon scout walker pilot and former agent of Xarkon Intelligence. She now serves in Viper's walker squad, the Snake Legs.


Many who meet Falcon for the first time immediately wonder what such a beautiful young woman is doing in the Xarkon military. Falcon's answer is simple: it runs in the family. Her father was an officer in the army, and her mother worked in the Armed Forces Intelligence. Amy decided to take her mother's road and joined up with Intelligence, a field she soon excelled at. Intelligent and deeply intuitive, Amy soon got a reputation for being able to read people like books, gathering information from them in a single conversation that most could not extract after a week of interrogation. She was well-liked by some, but many others were envious of her combination of beauty and skill. She was also disliked because she mostly kept aloof, and few could truly say they knew her.

Everyone in the agency was surprised, however, when she asked for a transfer from Intelligence to the Ranger Corps, claiming that she was just sick of sitting around in the office and wanted more work in the field, particularly outdoors. At first, High Command opposed her transfer... but another thing Falcon proved very good at was pulling strings and getting people to do what she wanted. Eventually her request was accepted, and she became a scout in the Ranger Corps. Today she still works as a professional scout, usually working alone when possible, but occasionally piloting a Fox walker when assigned to work with the Walker Division.


Many young men in the miltiary have been drawn to Falcon's beauty and sought to know her better. This is easier said than done. Amy is an extreme introvert, preferring to keep her thoughts and feelings entirely to herself. It is nearly impossible to tell what she is thinking at any given time, which is the reverse of her own perspective, for she seems to always know what others are thinking, reading into their every gesture and expression and divining the deeper feelings that underlie them. Naturally, this combination of factors in her personality can be extremely disconcerting to others, and many feel uncomfortable talking to her, perhaps contributing to her reclusive nature even more.