Adam Zarel




Pilot in the Armed Forces of Xarkon

Hair color






Preferred Weapons:


Adam Zarel is a pilot in the Armed Forces of Xarkon.

Biography Edit

Adam Zarel always dreamed of being in the Xarkonian military, despite its strict rules. He also loved the sky and wanted to fly aircraft when he grew up. So Adam signed up to be a pilot when he became older, and he went through training. Now he is a new pilot in the Xarkonian Aerospace Division, and he is beginning to show great skills in his flying.

Description Edit

Zarel is proud of his achievements in the Armed Forces, and is generally glad to do whatever he is ordered, as long as it isn't anything too immoral by most people's standards.

Trivia Edit

  • The character of Adam Zarel was created by a SSLF member named Adam W., known as Stormzarel on the forums, when Justin R. R. Stebbins asked fans to submit characters to appear in the Takeover of Mordark comics.

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